Cameron Ritchie (PhD)


PhD student
The University of Melbourne & Monash University &  

Title of PhD: Aqueous, ligand-free synthesis and deposition of Cu2ZnSnS4 and Cu2ZnSnSe4nanocrystals for low temperature selenized Cu2ZnSnSxSe(4-x) thin film PV devices
Supervisors: Prof. Paul Mulvaney & Assoc. Prof. Jacek Jasieniak

Cameron is a postgraduate student at both the University of Melbourne and Monash University currently undertaking a PhD with Professor Paul Mulvaney and Associate Professor Jacek Jasieniak.

His research aims to synthesize and characterize ligand-free CZTS and CZTSe nanocrystals, and to understand the scalable deposition processes involved in printing thin films and arrays. Performing experiments and optimized simulations, Cameron aims to deposit homogeneous films of controlled thickness and stoichiometry which anneal to produce large crystal grains for PV devices, and also understand the processes involved in the deposition of arrays of particles for various Excitonic devices.

Cameron hopes to create a new green, cost effective, impurity free, and scalable process for the synthesis and deposition of CZT(S/Se) thin films for large scale CZT(S/Se) thin film devices.

MSc Chemistry (with Distinction), University of Melbourne, Australia (2014)
BSc Chemistry, University of Melbourne, Australia (2012)

Research themes:
Excitonic Systems for Solar Energy Conversion
Simulation of Systems for Excitonic Applications