Devices and Prototyping


The ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science will work on the development of new energy-efficient devices and energy storage structures such as solar cells, luminescent solar concentrators, and exciton up-conversion systems. The full application potential of emerging excitonic materials will be showcased and explored in prototype devices. We will work towards novel device designs that are compatible with low-cost fabrication techniques. The integration of the multitude of excitonic technologies developed in this Centre into integrated 3rd generation photovoltaics such as tandem solar cells and PV-integrated solar concentrators and upconverters will be a key focus. In addition, the Centre will explore novel spin-control devices and systematic optimisation of device parameters to facilitate translation and prototyping through partners such as CSIRO and Chinese partners.

Key Infrastructure

The Centre has extensive infrastructure for device fabrication including

  • complete solar cell characterisation systems (e.g. simulators, spectral response, a wide range of impedance based techniques and stability testing)
  • wide range of printing and deposition technologies (e.g. screen, spray, spin coating, dip coating, sputtering and thermal evaporation)
  • clean room access (class 100-10000) at the MCN, CSIRO, RMIT facilities (including EBL, FIB, RIE and nanoimprinting.)
  • wide range of deposition methods including EBE, sputter coating, thermal ebeam evaporation,  and electroplating and 3D printing.
  • Roll-to-roll printing  and slot die coating facilities at CSIRO.