Ms Joanna Guse

Joanna Guse013.jpg

PhD student

Title of PhD: Developing microwave probes for investigating spin-dependant processes in photovoltaic materials.
Supervisor: Dane McCamey

Joanna is a postgraduate student at the University of New South Wales currently undertaking a PhD with Associate Professor Dane McCamey.

Her Research is devoted to developing microwave-based measurement techniques to investigate opto-electronic processes in photovoltaic materials.

Joanna is developing the simulations, software and hardware to implement shaped and adiabatic microwave pulses in the context of pulsed EPR spectroscopy. Optimized amplitude and frequency modulated pulses can be used to increase the excitation bandwidth and operation fidelity of conventional, rectangular pulse EPR systems.

Joanna also studies recombination kinetics of photo-generated charge carriers using photoinduced TRMC (time-resolved microwave conductivity).

Qualifications: BSc (Hons), University of Sydney, Australia (2013)

Research themes:
Pulsed EPR spectroscopy
Adiabatic and shaped microwave pulses
Time-Resolved Microwave conductivity
Microwave engineering