Associate Investigators

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Prof. Susanne Huelga
Professor of Theoretical Quantum Optics, Universität Ulm

Prof. Huelga's research focuses on the exploration of quantum coherence for information processing and sensing. Relevant to the Centre of Excellence for Exciton Science is her work on exciton transport in photosynthetic complexes. This will support theoretical modelling in Theme 1 Excitonic systems for solar energy conversion and Theme 2 Control of Excitons.



Prof. Greg Scholes
William S. Todd Professor of Chemistry, Princeton University, USA

Scholes is an expert on electronic energy transfer and molecular excitons. The Scholes Group combines ultrafast laser spectroscopies with theoretical studies to understand mechanisms of light harvesting, electron transfer, and photo-initiated processes. Scholes will contribute to Theme 2 “Control of Excitons” and platform 2.4 on “Exciton transport”.


Prof. Anna Köhler
Full Professor, Department of Physics, Universität  Bayreuth, Germany

Köhler's research is concerned with optical and electronic processes in organic and hybrid semiconductors. She will collaborate on Platform 1.4 "Solution Processed Next-Generation Photovoltaics", Platform 2.3 "Excitons on the Nanoscale" which directly correlates with research at Bayreuth and also on Platform 2.4 on "Multi-scale Modelling and Models of Exciton Transport".


Prof. Jochen Feldmann
Professor of Physics & Nanosystems Initiative München(NIM)

Feldmann is a world-renowned expert in nanoscale semiconductor and metal physics.   NIM has strong interest in all three Themes of the proposed Centre of Excellence but particularly in Theme 1 – “Excitons for Solar Energy Conversion”. NIM has also been exploring new directions and materials including carbon dots and perovskites.


Dr Kenneth Silburn
Head Teacher Science, Casula High School President

Silburn is a recognised expert in Science Outreach, particularly to young people. He has a long history in developing high school based enrichment and engagement activities and will be an Outreach Partner in ACOEES. With his expertise in outreach and engagement, Silburn will help develop innovative and effective outreach programs.

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Prof. K.G. Thomas
Professor of Chemistry, IISER, Thiruvananthapuram

George Thomas and his group have made significant contributions in several areas of photosciences and nanomaterials and are currently focusing on the studies related to light-matter interaction at the nanoscale.
He will focus on enhancing activities in Theme 1, Platforms 1.1-1.4 on “Excitons in Solar Energy Conversion”.


Prof. Heike Klussmann
Professor of Architecture, University of Kassel, Germany

Klussmann leads the division of Arts at the department of Architecture, Urban- and Landscape Planning, University of Kassel, Germany, where she founded and directs the Building Art Invention research group. She will work with Centre staff to implement and translate novel lighting concepts and materials into architecture and design.


Prof. Tim Schork
Senior Lecturer Department of Architecture, Monash University.

Schork is the director of RAW- the Monash Future Materials and Processes Laboratory, located within the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture. He will work with the Centre on building-integration of fluorescent solar concentrators (platform 1.2), novel photovoltaic systems (platform1.4), innovative lighting (platform 3.2) and sensing (platform 3.3) systems.


Prof. Rebekah Brown
Director & Professor, Monash Sustainability Institute, Monash University.

Brown has pioneered interdisciplinary research in the area of sustainable development with a focus on translation into policy, institutional and organisational development. She will facilitate policy initiatives to drive public awareness of the important roles of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Prof. Gary Rosengarten
Professor, Mechanical Engineering RMIT University,

Rosengarten's research is concerned with optical, radiative and thermal transport primarily in solar energy systems. His main interactions will be with CoE researchers working in platform 1.2 “Next Generation Luminescent Solar Concentrators”.


Prof. Ann Roberts
Professor of Physics University of Melbourne,

Roberts' research expertise lies in the area of theoretical, computational and experimental optical physics with a focus on nanophotonics and optical imaging. She will collaborate on the development of anti-counterfeiting features in Theme 3 – “Excitonic Systems for Security, Lighting and Sensing”.

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