Spectroscopy & Measurement


This capability area underpins the measurement of the physical properties of excitons, including energy, lifetime, transport and dissociation


The centre includes capabilities for:

  • Ultrafast exciton generation across the UV, visible and NIR spectral regions.
  • Time resolved and/or spatially resolved detection of both exciton emission (photons), spin-state, transport and exciton dissociation products.
  • Single molecule/nanoparticle detection up to bulk, film, or ensemble samples.

Current Instrumentation:

  • Laser excitation in the ns-ps-fs regimes across UV-visible-NIR spectrum
  • Time-correlated single photon counting (picoseconds-nanoseconds)
  • Visible/IR femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy
  • Femtosecond fluorescence (upconversion, Kerr gate)
  • Femtosecond multiple pulse photon echo spectroscopy
  • Nanosecond flash photolysis
  • Time-resolved fluorescence imaging (FLIM)
  • Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy
  • Super-resolution optical microscopy techniques (STED and SIM)
  • Single molecule and nanoparticle spectroscopy
  • Confocal and Dark-field microscopy
  • Scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM)
  • Solar simulator
  • Low temperature cryostats (liquid nitrogen/helium)